Why am I Even In This State: or more specifically, this latitude?

Photo of my older brother from over Thanksgiving break 09

This is the first time I have seen my brother in a year, he goes to school at the University of Texas in Austin, and pretty much all I know about him is that he likes bicycles and is really awkward about girls. I love my brother because he pretty much raised me.

Back At School

Carol at lunch in between fine art photo in the morning and fine art photo in the afternoon on monday.

“Names of Mean Boys” (they should be shit on) in the bathroom by webb auditorium

After I took these pictures I was sitting next to one of my guy friends and I asked him if he wanted to know what girls really think about, because all someone would really have to do would be go into building 7 bathrooms, and there you have it, a lot of depression, silliness, and honesty.

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