things that are going on:

I am starting to address what may be the beginning of a hoarding issue that I think it is pretty fair to say I inherited from my mother.

I made a hi-lo dress out of a fitted sheet with a big hole in the center, yay repurposing.  I am very happy with it and it was very fulfilling to make something physical.

Fall is here in full force. Which is wonderful because it comes with things like pumpkins and acorn squash.

Russ is in the midst of mid terms.

I still haven’t gotten out to see Cousin Bill in Nunda since before classes resumed.

The question remains:

How much, do I really need to be happy?

how much money, how much clothing, how much time, what do I need to do that. Or what don’t I need?

Almost everything that is mine is in my apartment in Rochester, save a few boxes of CDs, some art, and clothing and dolls from my childhood that my mom still has as a part of her ‘collection’.

Here is the dress:

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