642 Things to write about – The Worst Thanksgiving Dish You Ever Had

The worst thanksgiving dish I ever had, has to be the time I asked my mom to make fish for thanksgiving as I really wasn’t that into turkey. I must have been about 14, a young teenager.

I imagined she would make some kind of salmon thing with goat cheese or like scallops wrapped in bacon.

After trying to avoid my mom toiling all day in the kitchen because she seemed way too stressed out over cooking in the first place. We sat down to the thanksgiving table for her to uncover a large disposable foil cooking pan and reveal the saddest looking slices of cod with some kind of store bought bread crumb breading desperately clinging to them as if each piece of cod was one of few life boats.

I had ruined thanksgiving. When I asked my mom to make fish I had no idea that my mom didn’t know how to cook fish. I had no idea that my mom actually hates fish which is why she didn’t know how to pick things out that would taste good together.  I learned to asked for more specific things that thanksgiving.

The second runner up was this past thanksgiving. Macaroni and cheese. Spirals not macaroni. The cheese part was so awful I don’t know if the English language actually has the capacity to describe the level of cheese sauce with the consistency of spray in truck bed protector. it was delicately flavored with a pallet that only all of the efforts and time that it takes to save the crusted died up ends that form at the tip of a cheese wiz container could bring to a dish. This spiral pasta and cheese protector coating was garnished with Italian seasoned Kraft Parmesan flavored crumbles.

At the thanksgiving table my mother was raving about this shit. “Oh that macaroni and cheese is good enough to sneak eat out of the refrigerator at night and hope no one catches you in the pajamas.”

My date and I looked at each other like she was on crack.

Thankfully I later got to clarify with my mom that she was in fact just trying to be polite.

This concept of “politeness” is something that I think my southern family takes entirely too far. Perhaps part of me has become a Yankee but I learned while I was in the north east that its okay to not like other people,or other things, and that its okay for other people or things to not like you and that maybe its best to just be upfront about it.

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